A whole new approach to music gear  


From enclosure, push buttons and knobs, to complex Pagination or Instant Recall system, every single detail was thoroughly thought out in both hardware and software aspects of the Duo X.

Have a look for yourself. 


This new feature allows you to quickly switch between different Pages, with completely different assignments to each of your knobs and push buttons. This can be great added value for a smoother workflow during performances, as well as very useful in the studio. Set up your different Pages tailored to your needs and they will be saved  inside the Duo X ready for use anytime, anywhere.


Instant Recall

With Instant Recall, temporarily save different moments in your set and switch from one to another by the push of a button. These are ephemeral short-term saves to be used and reused many times in a session or even in a single song.

instant recall

User Profiles

Save up to 4 different User Profiles with a number of device settings, including input and output gains & stereo link, HP, EXP/CV settings, clock source and others. Create your own tailored profiles to fit your needs, plug, and you’re ready to play.

user profile

Signal Freedom

There shouldn’t be any limitations to your creativity. The Duo X offers you total signal freedom. Its modular quality enables you to drag multiple connections, split, join and feedback your signal freely. The sonic possibilities are pretty much endless.



signal freedom

Triple Preamps

The MOD Duo X has three different analog preamps on its audio inputs, which means that input gain levels can be set to suit all types of instruments and audio devices. Whether you want to play the guitar or have an electronic jam, the Duo X is the audio processor of choice for all types of musicians.

triple preamps

Internal Control Voltage

The Duo X supports internal CV. With a variety of CV utilities and modules to choose from, sweep filters, alter pitch, change volume of oscillators and much more with an analog continuous feeling. 




Control Chain

MOD Devices has created its own open standard: Control Chain. Instead of only having hard-coded values as MIDI does, Control Chain has what is called "device descriptor". You can daisy chain up to four Control Chain peripherals to your Duo X, such as footswitch extensions, expression pedals and your own DIY Arduino creations. More control, more possibilities.

control chain

MIDI Manifold

The Duo X was created to be a great team player. It interacts with the rest of your setup thanks to its various connections. Plug a USB Hub and expand your setup.

How far will you go? We've tried it with 16 different controllers at the same time. Seriously, who needs more than 16 MIDI controllers?


Open Source

At MOD Devices, we are firm believers in the power of collaboration. Therefore, we run on an open-source system that allows you to use any LV2 Plugin, and even try out your own creations. There's an open world out there and we want everybody to use it. PS: And yes, the Duo X is Max/MSP compatible.

open source

Evergrowing Gallery

Within the Duo X, lays an entire sonic universe. We currently offer over 400 free plugins of all sorts, ready to use. Additionally, our Plugin Shop serves as a platform for developers to commercialise their best creations and make them available to the MOD Community. With new additions monthly, the gallery is constantly growing.

evergrowing gallery

The Enclosure

The MOD Duo X enclosure was designed to stay sharp through all of your sonic adventures. Made of monolithic aluminium, don’t let its sleek and elegant look fool you. This little black box is compact and ultra-resistant. Stage ready.


The Knobs

We believe that the true proof of quality lays in the details. The Duo X knobs were carefully designed from scratch: a slight angle for a better grip, a skirt shape at the base to ease the rotation, and a carve under the knob for more water resistance. Sweaty hands proof without losing resistance. Made of sleek aluminium, their elegant look won’t deteriorate over time.


Push Buttons

The Duo X has 4 fully assignable push buttons that grant you with extra control. They can be used to activate or deactivate different parameters, tap tempo, and pretty much anything you assign them to do.

push buttons

External Control Voltage 

The external CV and EXP ports are currently in development and will be enabled in a future firmware update. Get more control over analog devices and use you Duo X in modular synth setups or with your favorite gear.

control voltage

A new sonic world awaits.

Limited edition. 
Ships mid 2019.

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