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Francesca Lombardo talks about the Duo

Italian DJ, producer and singer Francesca Lombardo invited us to her Paris studio to talk about her projects and how she incorporated the Duo in both her live and studio setups. 

Tigerlight talks about the Duo 

Producer, vocalist and sample pack label owner Tigerlight shares her thoughts on the MOD Duo.

Superdirt² talks about the Duo

The electro-acoustic duo Superdirt² tells us a bit about their first encounter with the Duo, and how it has become a key element in their studio and live setups. 

Lakmé showcases the Duo's synths

Camille Lieser, aka Lakmé, is a singer and electronic music producer from Paris. She now lives in Berlin and is a part of the MOD team. 

BONAPARTE's live set and testimonial on the Duo

Berlin musician Tobias Jundt, known as Bonaparte and for the duo Mule & Man, talks about his experience using the MOD Duo audio processor.


Rated Blue Band music video featuring the Duo

Glen MacArthur uses the MOD Duo and “A Little Thunder” guitar pickup in his latest composition.

Lia Sahin's beatbox promo 

Incredible artist and music producer Lia Sahin uses two MOD Duos in her vocal and beatboxing setup.


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