Tailor-made to meet the needs of the electronic musician, the MOD Duo X offers maximum controllability over the MOD universe, thanks to ten fully assignable knobs, six push buttons with instant recall capabilities and Control Voltage input for analog controlling feel.

Perfect for studio work, electronic music production/performance, DJing and other hands-on applications.

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MOD Duo X front


The MOD Duo is the gateway to limitless sonic possibilities.

From legendary classics to mind-blowing innovations, it features multi-FX, simulations, synths, sequencers, loopers and MIDI utilities in one single stompbox fully configurable and ready for the stage. 

This is the stompbox revolution.

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New Duo_2

MOD Footswitch

The MOD Footswitch is the smart control extension tailor-made for the MOD Duo and MOD Duo X.

It seamlessly connect to your device and instantly recognizes your Pedalboard Builder to extend the actuators you can use to control your effects, scroll through lists, bypasses and toggles, define tap tempos and keep track of the exact effects assigned at all times and when shifting through pedalboards.

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Students and teachers

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MOD Merch 

MOD Tote Bag

Sustainable and eco-friendly

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Duo X standard t-shirt double

Duo X T-shirt

Stylish and comfortable

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Arduino Shield

Craft your own MOD controllers

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MOD Transport Case

Bring your MOD Devices everywhere

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MOD Duo power supply_transparent

MOD Extra Power Supply

Never run out of power

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