MOD Devices Strengthens Executive Team and Focuses on Growth


Ronny Krieger appointed Chief Executive Officer of the recently funded startup


Berlin – MOD Devices, the music technology company based in Berlin, has announced a new Executive Team responsible for driving growth and business consolidation in 2018.

MOD Devices produces the MOD Duo, a digital platform that relies on open software and robust hardware to increase access to effects and devices to musicians of all kinds.

The company debuted in the European music technology startup scene, showing potential by becoming a finalist in the 2015 Sonar+D Startup Competition. In 2017, a series of accomplishments attracted attention to MOD Devices, including achieving first position at the Wallifornia MusicTech Competition, winning the Belfius Prize at the KIKK Festival, and reaching the final at the SF MusicTech Summit in California.

Gianfranco Ceccolini, founder and former CEO, has now appointed Ronny Krieger as the new Chief Executive Officer. Ceccolini assumes the new role of Chief Product Officer, focusing on MOD Devices’ technology innovations and the development of new products.

Krieger brings more than 20 years of innovation experience in the music business, passing through companies such as Beatport, Native Instruments and various music labels. He assumes the role at a prolific time for MOD Devices, as the company rehearses its consolidation as a player in the music gear industry.

“I am happy and honoured to join MOD as the new CEO on their path to grow a successful, award-winning Kickstarter campaign into a fully-fledged company. While mainly being used by guitarists today, the MOD Duo (currently the only available product by MOD Devices) also offers many possibilities for other musicians, producers, singers and even DJs. It's a great solution for everybody looking to combine the processing power, flexibility and connectivity of a computer with a robust, compact and great sounding stand-alone hardware at a reasonable price. In the months to come, we will work on many improvements, as well as new features, accessories and brand new products. Watch out for a lot of exciting news about MOD Devices,” says Krieger.

Adriano Eliezer, the recently hired CMO, has arrived in the Berlin office to support Krieger on building the MOD Devices brand and raising awareness among core audiences and potential business partners. Eliezer has 10 years’ experience as a strategist in global advertising agencies such as Publicis, TBWA and BBDO.

“MOD has an exciting essence to be fostered and amplified. We are a company created by musicians who want to empower other musicians by breaking down some of the barriers imposed by the music gear market. Our current users are engaged and community-driven because they are more than consumers, they are our essential partners in innovation.” points out Eliezer.

In January of this year, MOD Devices confirmed it received a €400,000 investment. The money comes mainly from Belgian investment funds Leansquare and Wallimage, both in the Walloon region.

“Securing a successful fundraising round is a major milestone for MOD Devices. Now structured and funded, the company is ready to take the next step in establishing itself as an important player in this dynamic industry sector. I feel very proud of our accomplishments so far and also very excited about our next steps that will unfold in the coming months,” says Ceccolini.

Based in Houston, Texas, CTO Alexandre Cunha celebrates the new moment.

“The combination of our new CEO and outstanding fundraising has kicked off the process of transforming MOD Devices from a startup into a thriving business. It enables our team to continue to pursue our vision and dreams. We still have a long journey as there is so much more we want to build, so many ideas to materialize. This moment is the perfect boost to drive straight ahead.”


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