MOD Devices Will Unveil New Product at Sónar+D 2018


A new audio processor for electronic musicians will be revealed at the Barcelona event


BERLIN, GERMANY – For its fourth consecutive year exhibiting at Sónar+D, Berlin-based music tech company MOD Devices will present all of its most recent hardware and software releases and show its brand new audio processor geared towards electronic musicians for the first time. The company has chosen the creativity and advanced music festival’s MarketLab in Barcelona to unveil its latest device and launch its pre-orders.

“Sónar+D has long been the perfect event to encounter the artists, investors and enthusiasts that compose MOD Devices’ user base. We first came here as a fledgling startup, fresh out of Kickstarter, and have consistently returned to reach bigger and more ambitious goals. It is definitely the ideal setting to present our new device that focuses on electronic music artists” says Gianfranco Ceccolini, MOD Devices’ founder and CPO.

Accomplished singer, DJ and music producer Katarina Holmberg, a.k.a. Tigerlight, has been invited to join the MOD team in Barcelona and showcase how the MOD products perform in an electronic music context. She will play live sets at MOD’s booth and take part in a public demonstration on Friday, June 15th at 13:00 in the Networking Bar (P4 Level 4).

Visitors will have the opportunity to try the recently-released commercial plugins of MOD’s Plugin Shop (from developers OverTone DSP, K-Devices and Shiro Plugins), as well as test the MOD Footswitch, the first external controller for the MOD Duo that uses MOD Devices’ Control Chain communications protocol to provide more controllability and visual feedback to artists.

Try the new MOD Devices audio processor, MOD Duo, MOD Footswitch and new commercial plugins at Booth 3 Level 2 of the MarketLab at Sónar+D in Barcelona, between June 13th and 16th 2018.


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