Quick Start Guide

Using the built in pedalboards


This quick start guide assumes your MOD Duo is hooked up as described below.

  • Connect your instrument to input 1 (or 1 and 2 for stereo instruments).
  • Connect the outputs to a mixer, headphones or an amplifier.
  • Connect the included power supply, the MOD Duo will now boot up.

Choosing a Pedalboard

  • Press and hold the left knob, the settings menu will open.
  • Now short press the left knob to enter the banks menu.
  • The names of the banks are pretty descriptive, select the bank most appropriate for your instrument and short press the left knob to open it.
  • Now select a pedalboard within the bank and short press the left knob to try it out. You can close the menu by pressing and holding down the left knob.

Exploring the MOD Duo further

  • Create your own pedalboards and create your signature sound!
  • Connect controllers to get access to more ways to control your pedalboards. The MOD Duo supports MIDI, USB-MIDI and our own Control Chain protocol.

Usage Overview



Connections Overview 


Start Creating Your Own Pedalboards

Open your web browser (preferably Chrome) and navigate to: or http://modduo.local/



If you experience any issues connecting to your Duo, especially from a Windows PC, see the troubleshooting page at: http://wiki.moddevices.com/wiki/Troubleshooting


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